stand for something or you will fall for anything

Stand for Something: Principles over parties

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Because there are so many movements and “wars” and agendas being pushed and amplified right now, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or even frustrated when we feel that others aren’t taking what we feel to be important seriously. And that’s okay!

I haven’t slept well because my mind just won’t shut off. This used to happen all the time when I was in high school 😩

What I used to do then was read all night. And just like I did then, when I can’t sleep now I read, study, observe, look for patterns, ask questions, and pray to seek for truth and understanding. Is my understanding perfect? No. Does it raise my awareness and ability to see things more clearly and with more empathy? Most definitely.

I’m not one to easily throw my full support and stand behind any particular party, group, organization, or movement because I usually find values within that don’t align with mine. Does it mean I don’t support anything they stand for? No, just not enough of their ideology to attach my name to it.

I know that we are all imperfect, so I don’t expect perfection from others and know for a fact that I will even make mistakes in judgment from time to time.

Principles over parties

However, it’s important to still stand for something. If we don’t stand for something we will fall for anything. For this reason, I tend to stand for principles over parties. This is what I stand for:

I stand for TRUTH (the whole truth) and RIGHTEOUSNESS (there is such a thing as right and wrong).
I don’t stand for lies being sold as truth and propaganda embedded throughout almost all media and entertainment (Think about it, 90% of all media is controlled by 6 companies). I don’t stand for silencing the truths of INDIVIDUALS while AMPLIFYING the message and agenda of a group–we need to be able to hear from both.

I stand for equal RIGHTS & OPPORTUNITY. I don’t stand for equal outcomes, that was Satan’s plan.

I stand for choice AND accountability. Without both, we’d be left with chaos. I don’t stand for bullying, abuse of power, or lawlessness. Actions have consequences. Laws are necessary to keep us safe and to provide a clearer picture of what kind of consequences our actions will result in but should not impose on anyone’s freedom over another’s to choose.

I stand for RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. I stand against anything that would deny that freedom. In my eyes that would also include the silencing of another’s voice just because what they FEEL or BELIEVE is different or uncomfortable for us to hear or understand.

I stand for WORK, FREEDOM, and INDUSTRY. I don’t stand for idleness. I fear that there are many who are exchanging their freedoms away because it’s less work when we do. Why work to find out the whole story when someone will just give it to you? Why work to think for ourselves when someone will just tell you what to think? Why work to form our own opinions (and share them in our own words) when we can just borrow the opinions of others? Why work to put food on our tables, to pay the rent, and achieve our goals and dreams when a prison or communism will provide “free” food, scheduled activities, and room and board? These are the rights, freedoms, and opportunities that actually make us free and allow us to become better people. Please don’t trade them away!

I stand for LOVE and UNITY. I stand against hate (that includes racism) in ALL it’s forms. If there’s any thought or feeling that someone is beneath you for any reason at all, that qualifies as enmity in my book and needs to be checked.

Do you know what principles you stand for?

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