Recounting Life Lessons Podcast Ep 29: Be the Hero

“Naming and fully characterizing the villain that lives in your head is one of the most empowering things you can do.”
-Alana Uyema
"Somehow the things that used to be difficult to do or overcome just got done. Why? Because that's what heroes do."-Alana Uyema

Alana here, and this is your gentle reminder to stop playing the sidekick or victim in your life. The hero within you deserves to be the star of show.

When you allow the hero to take center stage everything changes. You’ll find yourself impressed and in awe of what you are actually seeing and experiencing–in the best kind of way.

Heroes take 100% responsibility of their circumstances and results. While others may have had an impact on their circumstances, they don’t give away their power to take those circumstances into their own hands to bring about the changes and results they desire.

A hero doesn’t wait for someone else to fix things for them, they take it upon themselves to get the job done. If the job can’t be done alone, a hero doesn’t let ego get in the way. They ask for and accept help. That’s right, they go out and get the help instead of waiting for help to come to them.

As heroes, we act as our best selves, whatever that may currently look like.

In this episode I break down what it looks like when we’re playing the victim or the sidekick. And playing the sidekick can sometimes make us think that we’re doing well, when in actuality we’re just settling for less.

I also talk about a fun little trick that I use to overcome limiting thoughts by personifying them into a victim. There’s a hero within you that can easily put that villain in it’s place.

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What's the hero within you capable of? Have you given your villain a name yet?

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