Recounting Life Lessons Podcast Ep 24: Aloha State of Mind Living

“I just wanted to create this tool for, you know, not just people in the world to learn more about Hawaii and to apply these values to their lives, but just for Polynesians, for people who are from Hawaii, for people who are Hawaiian, for people who are locals to Hawaii. I just wanted this so that we can all relate with and feel a sense of place.” -Leialoha Humpherys

For the first time on the podcast, Sione and I bring on a guest.

In this episode we sit down with author of Aloha State of Mind, Leialoha Humphreys. She shares the lessons she learned in going through the process of self-publishing her first book and highlights a few of the values within Aloha State of Mind that we could all use and apply to create paradise where we are, no matter where we are or what we’re going through.

Sione and I both got a chance to read the book and fell in love with both the values and the language and imagery used, since it talked a lot about places and practices we are familiar with, having grown up in Hawaii. It was something we didn’t realize we were missing until we read Lei’s book.

Lei’s books, and one of her desires as an author, is to create a space for Polynesians in literature. List for more on that and a handful of principles that can help us have more joy and unity as we go about our lives.

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Aloha State of Mind is available on Amazon at: here


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What's your favorite takeaway from this episode? What is a belief that you've discovered was holding you back?

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