Recounting Life Lessons Podcast Ep 19: More Clarity, Less Overwhelm

“When taking action is less overwhelming, progress occurs naturally.”

We’ve had several life experiences that have led us to feel the overwhelm that can so often kill our motivation to take action. However, we’ve also learned a few tricks from those experiences.

These tricks help us to feel motivated and empowered to take action instead of staying overwhelmed and stuck.

In  this episode we’re recounting life lesson 19, “clarity intensifies with action”. It’s a great episode if you want to learn how to gain confidence and clarity, set healthy expectations, overcome analysis paralysis, better figure out what you want, and how to make better use of your time if you haven’t started yet.

6 Tips for More Clarity and Less Overwhelm

  1. Do the most important & big stuff first. Get it out of the way.
  2. Don’t expect perfection before you start.
  3. Breaking it down to the ridiculous makes it easier to take action.
  4. Make a decision and commit to act on it
  5. take a deep breath and then take the next step
  6. Be open to what you discover. Don’t get overly invested in one way or path to get what you want.

Ways to listen below:

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Ways to apply this lesson:

Want to practice applying this lesson in your life? Do this:

  • First, what is one of your biggest most important goals you’d like to achieve?
  • Remember you don’t have to expect it to be accomplished perfectly, but expect to learn, grow, or progress from taking action.
  • Take that goal and break it down to the next 5 ridiculously simple actions that you can take to make some sort of progress.
  • Make the commitment and decision to take those actions.
  • Take a deep breath and take your next step.
  • As you do, be open to learning and discovering ways to speed up the process.


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What's your favorite takeaway from this episode? How has your enthusiasm invited more of what you love into your life?

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