Recounting Life Lessons Podcast Ep 18: Share what you love

“Allow your fears to inform your decisions, but don’t allow them to make those decisions for you.”

Fear can be debilitating at times and even prevents us from having, sharing, and doing the things that we love.

In this episode, we are sharing what we’ve done to go from being too fearful to do what we love and wanted to do, to getting to have, share, and do that thing more often.

We also share the 5 things you can do to stop fears from disempowering you so that you can have, share, and get more of what you love in your life as well.

Listen below as we recount Life Lesson 18: Share what you love

5 Things you can do to stop fears from disempowering you

  1. Own up to what you love
  2. Stop overthinking it and just do it
  3. Stop making it about you and give others the opportunity to say “No thank you”
  4. Don’t dim your enthusiasm
  5. Feel the fear and do it anyway

Ways to listen below:

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Ways to apply this lesson:

Ask yourself the following questions for some inspiration to apply this lesson.

  • Are you owning up to what you really would love to do in your life?
  • Are you allowing others the opportunity to say “No thank you”?
  • Do you ever dim your enthusiasm
  • Is there something that you haven’t been doing because of a fear of what other people will think if you did it?


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What's your favorite takeaway from this episode? How has your enthusiasm invited more of what you love into your life?

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  1. I loved this podcast! All of the examples were spot on and reminded me of just how important it is to do what you love. When you do what you love, it’s just so much more meaningful and purposeful. Thanks for another great listen guys! 🙂

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