Recounting Life Lessons Podcast Ep 17: More than enough

“Hope and abundance will always find a way toward a successful outcome.”

Until we remove the blinders that a scarcity mentality puts on us, it is highly likely that we will consistently sell ourselves short and miss out on enjoying more of what is available and possible.

If you look a life through a lens of scarcity there will never be enough, but if you can look at it through a lens of abundance you will see that in actuality, there is more than enough good to co around.

But how do we remove those blinders and get better at seeing the good? How do we live with this abundance mentality? And is it really worth the effort? That’s what we’re discussing in this episode as we recount life lesson 17.

Life Lesson 17: There’s more than enough good to go around

4 Ways to Practice Seeing Through the Lens of Abundance

  1. Remind yourself that we don’t all want the exact same things and that there are enough good things for everyone to get their share.
  2. Before you set out to obtaining what you want, think up at least 3 different paths of being able to get there. From the 3, decide on one and set out on your merry way.
  3. Pay attention to your language and do your best to eliminate phrases like, “I can’t” and ask “how can I” instead.
  4. Make it a habit to address your concerns before throwing in the towel.

This episode was inspired by the story we shared during our visit to Stonehenge in Washington  and life lesson 17, “There’s more than enough good to go around”.

Ways to listen below:

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Ways to apply this lesson:

Here’s a few simple thing you can do to start applying this lesson to your life.

  • Start paying attention to your environments and how they are effecting you. Do you tend to see things through a lens of abundance or scarcity?
  • Take some time to acknowledge the effect that your perspective is having on those within your sphere of influence. Does a realization of that effect bring you joy?
  • Commit to make one of the practices we’ve shared a habit. Share your commitment on social media and tag us @sioneandalana


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What's your favorite takeaway from this episode? Can you think of others ways to practice seeing life through a lens of abundance?

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