With all that’s wrong with hate, and what it can lead to, it’s so important to love all as the Savior does.

However at what point does the way we show or express that love need to change in order to protect the ones we love most?

Sione and I have learned that loving someone doesn’t always mean you let them do whatever they want. From an experience we had last year we saw first hand how difficult that may sometimes be to enforce.

Check out this video and see how this incident taught Sione an important lesson.

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Lessons from Life's Adventure

  • Lesson #4: Love all people, but also remember to protect those you love.

The Breakdown

We can show and have love for all by respecting them and their beliefs. We can want what’s best for them and refrain from treating them unkindly even if they have beliefs that differ from ours.

But when they start to impose on our beliefs and put our family or those we love most in danger it may be wise to take precautions to escort them out of our lives to protect those we love most.

Something related that we’ve also learned (the hard way) is to trust but verify.

While it may be easy to trust everything that someone says about themselves, we can still love while exercising caution.

Unfortunately there are some individuals who will lie to manipulate and hurt us. Rather than putting ourselves in a position to cultivate feelings of hate, it’s easiest to trust cautiously when first getting to know new people. And if you start seeing some inconsistencies in their stories orĀ  people start to warn you of their past behavior, verify what’s true.

This can prevent those with the biggest and most trusting hearts from being taken advantage of.

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  1. They are all good!!! But that mud pie on your birthday sure looked good. That’s my kryptonite.
    Love you folks!!

    1. It’s my kryptonite too. I shouldn’t eat dairy anymore but that mud pie is one that I will make an exception for. Love you too!

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