Life Lesson 35

Progress is more about direction than speed

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably heard me say that one of my mantras in life is that “progress is better than done”. I say this every time I need a reminder to focus on progress over done when it comes to goals that take time. This shift in focus always reminds me to be grateful for the progress and keeps me in a growth and gratitude mindset. It also wards off feelings of overwhelm.

It’s no surprise that a life lesson on progress was inspired by our talk with Joe and Jenny from the Of Progress and Purpose podcast. See what they have to share about this lesson, relentless forward progress, and ultra-marathons in the video below.


Life Lesson 35: progress is more about directio than speed

Inspired by the following adventure:

Recounting Life Lesson 35:

Stay tuned for a new Recounting Life Lessons Podcast episode coming soon! In the episode, we’ll be breaking down ways to apply this lesson to your life, for more joy, success, and fulfillment no matter the circumstances. Subscribe to the show or sign up to become a Sione and Alana Insider to be notified of new episodes and lessons.


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