Life Lesson 27

Have enough faith to ignore your fears

Faith takes courage.

This life lesson was inspired by our desire and journey to starting the Recounting Life Lessons podcast. There’s something so intimidating by exciting about putting your life and your thoughts about life out there for the world.

In our case, we wondered who would even care to listen. We wondered if people would think we were weird for self appointing ourselves as somewhat experts on the lessons that life was teaching us. But so many of the conversations that we would be having on our podcast would be the same one’s we’d already had with many of our friends and loved ones. We’d see what kind of an impact for good they could have on helping others live a life of greater joy and fulfillment.

And so we took the plunge.

One of the most vital ingredients to starting a podcast was simply to have enough faith to ignore our fears and have the courage to just start the darn thing. And now that it’s been launched, we continue to have the faith and courage to keep putting out new episodes–recounting one life lesson at a time.

Life Lesson 27: Have enough faith to ignore your fears

Inspired by the following adventure:

Recounting Life Lesson 27:

Stay tuned for a new Recounting Life Lessons Podcast episode coming soon! In the episode, we’ll be breaking down ways to apply this lesson to your life, for more joy, success, and fulfillment no matter the circumstances. Subscribe to the show or sign up to become a Sione and Alana Insider to be notified of new episodes and lessons.


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