Life Lesson 23

You can never go wrong with just being yourself

Be yourself! That’s the message and inspiration behind this lesson.

The fact that we can never go wrong with being ourselves was inspired by our first ever Ugly Christmas Sweater Challenge (video below). Let’s just say it goes against my very nature to create something ugly…I promise I really did try.

Living a life of joy and fulfillment just wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t embrace who we are and give ourselves permission to just be ourselves.

Life Lesson 23: you can never go wrong with just being you

Inspired by the following adventure:

Recounting Life Lesson 23:

Stay tuned for a new Recounting Life Lessons Podcast episode coming soon! In the episode, we’ll be breaking down ways to apply this lesson to your life, for more joy, success, and fulfillment no matter the circumstances. Subscribe to the show or sign up to become a Sione and Alana Insider to be notified of new episodes and lessons.


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