Life Lesson 18

Share what you love

What are the benefits of sharing what we love? Do we ever not share or do the things that we love and want to do because of fear of what others will think or how they will respond?

While it seems like we would naturally share the things that we love, sometimes fear holds us back from doing that very thing. Here’s what we’ve learned so far about this important life lesson.

Life Lesson 18: share what you love

Inspired by the following adventure:

I love macarons and decided to share that love with my niece. Turns out we both love macarons and being able to share that love with one another, I think we now love them even more. See our dessert adventures in the video below that helped us realize the joy we can experience as we share what we love.

Recounting Life Lesson 18

The fear of what others think often prevents us from having, sharing, and doing what we love. So in the following episode of Recounting Life Lessons we share how we went from too afraid to vocalize and attempt to do more of what we loved to having the opportunities to have share and do more of what we love consistently.

Listen below for the 5 things that YOU can do to stop your fears of what others will think or do from disempowering you so you can have, share, and get more of what you love.


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