Life Lesson 11

Overcoming fear

Life lesson 11 is all about overcoming fear, specifically in empowering ways.

Fear is not usually an emotion that one would associate with feelings of empowerment. But what if we told you that it is actually possible to respond to fear in ways that left you feeling empowered and able to live with greater joy and confidence?

Sione facing his fear of heights to walk on the glass floors of the Space Needle and lean on the glass walls in the video below inspired this lesson.

Life Lesson 11: act quickly when you want to overcome a fear

Inspired by the following adventure:

Recounting Life Lesson 11:

In episode 11 of the Recounting Life Lessons podcast below we share 5 empowering ways to respond to fear and use it to your advantage.

No more letting fear control your life, use it as a tool to enhance it instead.

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