LIFE LESSONS from our Adventures

Here is a list of all of the lessons we’ve learned and collected so far. Each links to the adventure that helped us learn them and additional insights on how to use the lesson in your own life.

Lesson #1: Begin with the end in mind

Lesson #2: The sum is greater than its parts

Lesson #3: Help is often just a prayer away

Lesson #4: Love all people, but also remember to protect those you love.

Lesson #5: You control your attitude, your circumstances don’t.

Lesson #6: You can’t learn from your regrets if you don’t acknowledge them.

Lesson #7: The right perspective can make all the difference in the world.

Lesson #8: You don’t have to wait for adventures and moments, you can create them.

Lesson #9: Wedding celebrations are as much about the people attending the wedding as it is about the bride and groom.