COUNTING LIFE LESSONS: The Adventures of Sione and Alana

In the Counting Life Lessons video series, Sione and Alana make it a point to go out and explore the world around them.

Most of their adventures are right there in their own backyard of the Pacific Northwest, but they also often find themselves visiting their family and friend in Hawaii and Utah.

While sharing the things they discover from each of these adventures, they look for a lesson that life is teaching them. Sione and Alana make it a point to count and share the lesson they discover in each video.

The lessons counted in these videos are the inspiration behind the Recounting Life Lessons podcast.

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Enjoy our most recent video and adventure or scroll down to see specific videos. So many videos and lessons to choose from.


 The inspiration behind it all and how it led to the Recounting Life Lessons podcast.
July-December 2019, life lessons 1-26.


The next chapter of adventures and counting life’s lessons. More adventures and even more life lessons.