Have you been working on something and feel like it just isn’t living up to it’s fullest potential?

Maybe you are like I was after several months of having a YouTube channel, and have felt like something was missing to make it better.

In our latest episode of Sione and Alana, I break down how I finally figured out what was missing to help me turn my “just for fun” channel into something that could start blessing people’s lives. See how things unfolded in the video below.

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 Now that you’ve watched the video, here’s the breakdown of what we learned.

Lessons from Life #1-3

  • Lesson #1: Begin with the end in mind
  • Lesson #2: The sum is greater than its parts
  • Lesson #3: Help is often just a prayer away

The Breakdown


We can thank Steven R. Covey’s 7 Habits for Highly Effective People for this one. As personal development lovers this is one of the first personal development books we each read. The moment habit #2: “Begin with the end in mind” popped into my mind I was reminded of the benefits that come from beginning with the end picture in mind.

If we don’t know where we ultimately want to go, we’ll never know if we are there or what we’d need in order to get there. In this case, knowing that we wanted to eventually have a channel together helped me realize that starting and building one alone would be silly. I wouldn’t want to start all over once Sione was ready to jump in.

Beginning with the end in mind also helps you see what you can already start implementing into your regular routines to prepare you to be and have what you’re wanting in the end. It also helps you do things intentionally and with purpose.

In this case, it helped us determine the purpose we had for wanting to have a YouTube channel.


What would a peanut butter and jelly sandwich be without the bread?

What would The Avengers be without Iron Man?

Who would Harry Potter be without Ron or Voldemort?

Bottom line is this, there are certain things that just wouldn’t reach it’s fullest potential without all the important components. There’s a beautiful synergy that allows things to work better and more effortlessly when they are put together.

Sione and I have always done our best work when we are able to work together. It just made sense that this would be no different.

Growth will be exponential when the right parts are working together correctly. Let each part play to its strengths for the biggest benefits.


Carol F. McConkie said, “Prayer is a gift from God. We need never feel lost or alone.”

There are no questions too big or too small that can’t be helped with prayer. While full detailed answers may not come immediately, as we pray, the Lord will extend His tender mercies to help us discover what is best for us and how to get it. Our job will be to listen and keep our minds, eyes, and hearts open to see those answers and blessings as they come.

In this instance, because I had previously been studying up on various solutions and ideas, the flood of knowledge and insights that hit me were ways to apply all those solutions and ideas together.

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