About Sione and Alana Uyema

**While the lessons and the adventures featured on this website are ours, it’s helpful to know that Alana is the author behind each post.


Our story began in the Fall of 2003 when we met and were married in Hawaii less than a year later. For as long as we can we remember we have both always loved to learn, grow, and serve.

We met while attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah; but shortly after getting married we chose to drop out of college to pursue other vocational, educational, and business pursuits. We worked and invested our time and money into various books, courses, and trainings. We also made it an effort to develop relationships with people from all walks of life, from self-made millionaires to at risk youth. A short stint with a multi-level marketing company also increased our self-awareness and helped us discover a love of personal development.

Actively serving and teaching in our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also provided us with many opportunities to continue to learn and grow.

Time and time again we’d be told that our unique perspectives were helpful and inspirational. It did feel nice to hear, but we didn’t know what to do to share those perspectives more often. And so we just didn’t put any conscious effort into it even though we knew we probably should.


The Shift

In 2015-2018 our various responsibilities seemed to take over our lives and we soon realized we had fallen into a pattern of only taking time to really enjoy life when we went on vacation. We were succeeding in our relationship, vocational, and business pursuits but we knew something was missing and needed to shift.

In an effort to do something about it, Alana decided to start a YouTube channel for fun and as an excuse and reminder to get out and start exploring their new backyard of the Pacific Northwest. In doing so, we realized the value of documenting our experiences. We also realized that the lessons we were learning would be of value to anyone.


Alana was already teaching others her 7 Principles for living your best life as your best self and an 8th Principle, to “Learn from living today” seemed to be unfolding right before our eyes. Everything appeared to have all been leading up to this decision.

The Decision

So on June 24th, 2019 we made the decision to turn that YouTube channel into a way that we could intentionally do what we loved and felt called to do: to start sharing our lives more publicly and teaching others the life lessons we had learned and were continuing to learn.

We revamped the entire channel, launched a blog, and announced the shift. And on July 1st, 2019 a new journey for Sione and Alana and everyone who’d join us began. And on January 22, 2020 they also launched the Recounting Life Lessons podcast to provide even more opportunities to others to learn and apply those lessons in their lives.

It’s become our mission to share our life lessons and adventures with the hope of inspiring you to get out and start living the life of your dreams today, even if it means starting on a smaller scale for now.

Remember, opportunities and possibilities for learning and adventure are infinite, just like your potential!

The resources and lessons we share and collect are to assist you in reaching the full measure of your creation. We may sometimes work with affiliates and sponsors (which basically means we may be compensated for our efforts but it will be of no cost to you), but we are super selective about what we share and recommend because our priority is to help you and to learn and grow alongside you.